Hot! Phuket Officials Announce Crackdown on Foreigners Working Illegally


Following a protest by Phuket’s taxi drivers against Russian businesses, Phuket officials are saying that many foreigners are working in the city illegally. Authorities say that the foreigners are working without work permits, or working in a different job than is stated on the permit.

The taxi drivers initially protested against Russian businesses, saying they were undercutting the job market, and asked officials to investigate the legality of the businesses.

In doing so, Phuket officials announced that an overarching crackdown was needed, on both business owners and foreign staff. To ensure businesses are operating legally, they must also make sure the staff is legally able to work — with correct and valid work permits.

In addition, the officials said work regulations will be strictly enforced. If foreigners are caught working without a work permit, they will be arrested immediately.

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