Hot! Denver Prof: “Utah’s Gun Law Model a Success”

Gun Control After Brit's Death On Koh Phangan

A Denver University professor testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday saying Utah’s law allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons in schools is a model of success.

David Kopel is an analyst with the libertarian Cato Institute and research director at Denver University. He told a crowd which included former congresswoman and shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords that Utah’s law allowing a concealed firearm permit holder to carry a loaded and hidden gun into public schools has helped the state avert shootings like Sandy Hook.

“We’ve had this policy in practice in Utah for many years, and we’ve never had a single problem,” Kopel said. “And, quite notably, we’ve never had an attack on a Utah school.”

The hearing was the first since the elementary school shootings in Connecticut. Giffords was present to speak on behalf of heightened gun-control measures. The former Arizona representative asked lawmakers to be “bold” and “courageous” in taking action.

“Violence is a big problem,” Giffords said. “Too many people are dying; too many children. We must do something. It will be hard but the time is now.”

The congressional hearing was one of the most largely attended since health care hearings in 2009, and continued to highlight the deepening trench between pro-gun rights advocates and those vying for stricter gun control measures.

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