Hot! Thai Butchering Law Frustrates Pork Vendors

The law sets restrictions on times and places pigs can be butchered

Pork vendors in the area of Trang, Thailand are criticizing a new butchering law that specifies the time and location butchering is allowed.

According to the Nation, the new law mandates that butchering is to be performed only in slaughterhouses and at specific times.

However, producers of roast pork claim that the law is bad for business because different kinds of pork require different techniques.

For instance, one producer told the Nation that roast pork is usually made from piglets and piglets are slaughtered at night to give time for marination while slaughterhouses are open only during the day time.

Some producers have already been charged for violating the new law and have vowed to address the issue with the relevant authorities.

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