Hot! Thai Farmers Will Soon Be Able to Privately Grow Hemp

A new health ministry regulation will soon make it possible for Thai farmers to privately grow 1 rai (around half an acre) of hemp.

The hemp could then legally be used in the production of hemp-based cosmetics, medicines, foods, and other products.

The move is yet another step in allowing Thai farmers to benefit from the liberalization of laws surrounding hemp and cannabis.

The Thai government is also pushing to allow private households the ability to cultivate up to six marijuana plants in their backyards or homes.

The new hemp law is expected to be sent to the Cabinet for final approval soon.

There is one specific regulation that must be followed by those cultivating hemp under the bill.

Growers will have to make sure that the THC concentration in their industrial hemp falls below a certain level that is yet to be determined–most likely 0.03%.

Hemp plants that don’t pass that requirement will be destroyed by government authorities and further cultivation by the grower might be disallowed.

Unlike THC, CBD–the dominant chemical in hemp–is non-psychoactive and was recently removed from the list of controlled substances laid out in Thailand’s Narcotics Act.

The new hemp legislation lays out several different licenses for hemp production.

  1. Production license for household use.
  2. Production license for commerce or industry.
  3. Production license for research.
  4. Production license for certified seeds or other biomatter.
  5. Sales license for hemp to be utilized in medicines, herbal products, food, and cosmetics.
  6. Possession license for personal use.
  7. Hemp import license.
  8. Hemp export license.

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