Thai Junta Leader: Elections to be Held Next Year… Maybe

The leader of Thailand ruling military junta, Prayuth Chan-ocha, in a recent speech, repeated his previous declaration that elections will be held in early 2019, but he added one caveat this time, saying that if conflicts break out in the streets, they could be postponed again.

“Of course there has to be an election next year, no matter what, except if a fight breaks out to the point that there can’t be an election,” Prayuth stated. “Or perhaps there will be a fight and an election at the same time.”

Prayuth’s aside should raise red flags for those expecting to go to the polls next year as similar pledges have consistently been postponed in the past and conflicts breaking out could easily happen.

In his speech to the Bangkok Post, Prayuth also claimed his military government respects the rule of law and practices good governance despite wielding absolute power.

He also urged the media to focus on national unity and reconciliation rather than going after commercial gains and antagonizing the public.

Read the full story here.

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