Hot! Thai Police to Speed up Removal of Inappropriate Online Content

The decision comes after the recent Facebook killing

The Thai police have announced that they are working on ways they can take down “inappropriate online content” more efficiently following the recent tragedy in which a man broadcasted killing his 11 month old daughter on Facebook live.

“In the future we will discuss inappropriate online content, whether on Facebook or YouTube or Instagram, and how we can speed up taking this content down,” deputy national police spokesman Kissana Phatanacharoen told reporters.

It is not clear how the police will speed things up.

The video had sparked outrage among netizens with many asking why it had taken the authorities almost a day take it down.

Facebook’s reporting system has also been called into question especially considering this is not the first instance a violent crime has been aired on the social media platform. reports that just Tuesday three Swedish men were imprisoned for the rape of a woman that was broadcast live on Facebook.

This is the first reported crime that has been broadcasted on Facebook in Thailand.

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