Hot! NRSA Approves Term Reduction for Sub-District Chiefs amid Protests

The term has been dramatically reduced to 5 years

Image by Patrik M. Loeff

Bangkok Post reports that the National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) has approved changes to a local administrative law that reduces the term of a kamnan or tambon chief to 5 years from the previous one which held until the retirement age of 60.

The NRSA met on Monday to discuss the changes with Seree Suwannapanon, chairman of the NRSA’s political reforms panel saying that the long term of the chiefs could affect performance and result in a monopoly and influence building.

The NRSA also proposed changing the present election process. They proposed that aspiring chiefs should run for general elections instead of being chosen by elected village heads and should be evaluated every three years for performance instead of the current 5 years.

The decision has been met with stern disapproval from the current sub-district chiefs who organized a protest the day of the meeting.

Amnuay Klangpa, an NRSA member and former Pheu Thai MP also disagreed with the decision. He told Bangkok Post, “If kamnans and village heads are elected, they will no longer be state administrators who assist district chiefs in guiding state policies top-down. They will become politicians.”

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