Hot! Thailand Clarifies Medical Marijuana Regulations

Thailand’s cabinet fleshed out seven key regulations for the production, distribution, and possession of medical marijuana.

The new guidelines come months after uncertainty surrounding the use of medical cannabis in the nation, which the military junta legalized in December of last year.

The first stipulation states that the use of cannabis must only be for medical purposes.

Second, research must only be carried out in search of medical, drug, or scientific breakthroughs.

Third, the use, possession, production, or distribution of marijuana must not undermine narcotics suppression activities, both international and domestic.

Fourth, medical cannabis is allowed to be exported out of Thailand.

As for the next two regulations, marijuana shall only be used for “special cases”–in this case meaning certain illnesses or conditions–and patients using the drug should be under the care of a registered medical professional or traditional medical practitioners.

Lastly, both locals and foreigners are allowed access to medical marijuana, as long as they have a prescription from a doctor or traditional medical practitioner.

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