Hot! Thailand May Say Goodbye to Facebook and Google as Government Considers Internet “Great Firewall”

Thailand could soon follow China’s lead by imposing severe restrictions on internet usage by blocking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Google.

As Committee to Protect Journalists reports, Thailand’s military rulers announced on social media last week their plan to create “a single gateway for Thailand to block access to sites and control information flow.”

Image Credit: Raido (Flickr)

Access denied. Image Credit: Raido (Flickr)

They hope this will allow them to monitor and control the flow of internet traffic coming into and out of the country.

The Thai government has in the past blocked access to websites that have been critical of Thailand, and in particular, anyone found criticizing the monarchy. The New York Times was blocked in Thailand last Tuesday (a day long ban over alleged lese majeste violations), and the UK’s Daily Mail has been banned since 2014 for the same reason.

Civil rights activists have expressed concerns over what appears to be a crackdown on human rights and freedoms, however Thai authorities argue that their moves are necessary for a peaceful society.

Read more on this story here and here.



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