Hot! Thailand Mulls over Reducing Penalties for Political Offences

The aim of the draft law is to build national unity


Bangkok Post reports that Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly is working on a draft law that would offer penalty reprieve to those who commit politically motivated offences “as part of the unity-building process.”

The bill is currently being reviewed by the assembly after which it will go to the Committee for National Administration under the Framework of National Reform, Strategy and Reconciliation for consideration.

The law seeks to give courts the power to lower sentences of offenders whose acts are politically motivated in an attempt to bring about national unity and mend political discord.

Under the proposed law, a court can issue a sentence lower than one stipulated in Thailand’s Criminal Code and can also provide conditions for offenders outside of those stated in the Code to offenders on probation.

According to Bangkok Post, cases will be decided by an 11 member committee which will be set up, should the law pass.

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