Thai Police Arrest Czech Pedophile on Interpol’s Wanted List

The man had been knowingly spreading HIV in Thailand

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Zdenek Pfeifer, a Czech national who is currently an Interpol fugitive was arrested in Phuket for allegedly spreading HIV in Thailand and his home country.

According to the Phuket Gazette, the 49 year old was initially charged with overstaying his visa but will be transferred to Bangkok to process the other charges filed against him.

He is also wanted by Interpol for atrocities committed in his own country. The report states that “after Mr. Pfeifer tested positive for HIV in 2010, he had unprotected sex with at least 10 people in the Czech Republic, including, allegedly, a minor, which he recorded on video.”

He fled to Thailand 3 years ago where he continued his activities seeking unprotected sex with both men and women in the country.

He was apprehended at the Sila apartments in Cherng Talay by a joint task force consisting of Royal Thai Police and military officials.

Maj Tienchai Chomphu of Phuket Immigration told the Gazette, “We first spotted him at Tesco Lotus Thalang. When he left on his motorbike, our team followed him.  Another team was waiting for him at the apartment. We arrested him as per Article 44.”

A criminal defense attorney in Thailand told Thailawforum that article 44 gives the military officials the power to carry out orders it deems necessary to maintain “peace and harmony” in the country.

Pedophiles have reportedly flocked to Southeast Asian countries in the past taking advantage of the poverty and trusting nature of the locals as was reported here during the ongoing Pizzagate scandal.

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