Hot! US Imposes Travel Ban for Unpaid Taxes

The new policy targets U.S citizens



Photo by Damian Bariexca

The US State Department and the IRS have introduced a new policy that will effectively ban citizens with unpaid taxes from leaving the country.

According to Activist Post, passports of individuals with unpaid taxes can be “revoked and their citizenship status undermined” at the request of the IRS.

The policy is said to go into effect within the next few months and will currently affect only those with ‘seriously delinquent tax debt’.

Activist Post states “An individual must have $50,000 worth of tax debt to be subject to revocation, but that number can easily be adjusted downward in the future. Once identified by the IRS, a certification is sent to the State Department to begin the process. The taxpayer is then informed of the action taken against them, but any recourse from there is extremely limited.”

Critics of the law see this as a dangerous leeway into “an age of authoritarianism” where the government can control who can travel and who cannot.

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