Hot! Thailand to Ask 70,000 Refugees to Return Home

The refugees were displaced during the Myanmar skirmishes

Mae La Refugee Camp by Mikhail Esteves

According to Bangkok Post, the Thai government is set to ask almost 70,000 displaced refugees from Myanmar to return home.

Although not mandatory, the ones willing to go home will be sent gradually.

The refugees’ return will be coordinated and funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Thailand will act only as a facilitator.

Currently, there are 69,128 refugees in seven camps, all overseen by the 3rd Army. The report states that “They are Ban Ma La in Tha Song Yang district, Ban Um Piam in Phop Phra district and Ban Nu Pho in Umphang district.

The other four camps are in remote villages in Mae Hong Son — Ban No Soi in Muang district, Ban Mae Suri in Khun Yuam district, while Ban Mae Lama Luang and Ban Mae La Lun are in Sop Moei district.”

3rd Army Chief Lt Gen Vijak Siribansop told Bangkok Post that their “safety and dignity” will be maintained and peace talks with armed ethnic groups in Myanmar look promising.

Thailand has several NGOs dedicated to protecting refugee rights. Registration of an NGO in Thailand usually requires the services of a law firm.

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