Hot! The New Trend for Millenials are Pre-Marital Agreements


The issue with prenuptial contracts used to be and still is in some cases that they lacked romance. However, pre-marital agreements are becoming more commonplace with couples of all ages but mainly a dramatic increase with younger couples from the millennial generation.

Millenials are taking notice of the benefits of these contracts that Indiana based lawyers explain save a “lot of fear in the long run”. Without prenuptial agreements, in the situation of a divorce, a judge will determine asset division. As circumstances have changed since 20 years ago, millenials have grown up embracing financial independence. They are most likely to have established a career, assets and finances before tying the knot at around 28 years of age.

US based lawyers have recognized an increase in desire of wanting to protect assets and avoid incurring the debt of their partners among millenials. Debt may include student loans, credit card or further study payments. Roughly half of millenials were children of divorce and have witnessed firsthand what disputes over property division can do to a family. External reasons influencing the increase of millenials wanting prenuptial agreements may also be from families wanting to protect family business interests from ending up with the spouse during divorce.

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