Hot! Medical Marijuana to Become Legal in Thailand


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A senior drug enforcement officer has told Khao Sod that Thailand’s narcotics law has been re-written to allow marijuana to be sold over the counter with a doctor’s prescription. However, the re-writes do not include being able to grow the plant at home.

The laws that were revised last year are waiting approval from the Cabinet and if approved, will be put to a vote by the junta influenced parliament. The officer predicts little to no opposition from lawmakers.

Thailand’s drug policy has dramatically changed from a decade ago where 2,500 suspected drug offenders were executed to last year when the Justice Minister has announced a failure on the “war on drugs”. In tune with the rest of the world, Thailand has begun to focus on decriminalization and sensible regulations.

The law will also not include the recreational use of marijuana, however, the Narcotics Control Board Director does not rule out the possibility of it in the near future. He comments that there is still heavy debate among doctors whether legalizing the recreational use may be dangerous if it falls into the hands of children, impacting their brain development.

For more information on medical marijuana in Thailand, watch ThaiLawForum’s interview with Thai dermatologist, Dr. Somyot Kittimunkong.


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