Hot! Smart Visa Introduced to Attract Specialist Workforce into Thailand

There are ten targeted industries that the new smart visa will be appointed to. These industries are divided evenly between First S-Curve and New S-Curve. These specialists will acquire a four year visa from the standard 90 day visa.

The five First S-Curve industries will include next-generation smart electronics, automotive, medical/wellness tourism, agriculture and biotechnology. The five New S-Curve industries will include medical centers, digital businesses, biochemicals, robotics and aviation.

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The smart visa will be divided into quadrants. The first being expats in specialist scientific fields that already have a base salary of 200,000 baht a month. The second will involve investors of 20 million baht of targeted industries. The third will be similar to the second but involving companies investing in targeted industries. Lastly, are company executives with a 200k baht base salary and 10 years of work experience.

The government predicts handing out about 1000 of these smart visas, adding that it would not have an impact Thailand’s labor market.

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