California Senate Passes Bill to Offer Abortion on Campuses

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Currently, none of the 34 state campuses offer abortion services on campuses, their health centers refer students to outside providers that do not accept student healthcare insurance plans. Bill SB320, if passed on Monday with Assembly approval will make California the first state to offer the rare service of on campus abortion medications.

Private donors who wish to remain anonymous have donated $20 million in start up costs. The donation will help to acquire ultrasound equipment and training for staff. The bill will require for all campuses to have the on campus service by 2022.

Author of the Bill, Senator D-Chino states that the bill will give women the opportunity to “decide what to do with their own bodies and when to factor a family into their life”. State University officials are concerned that the bill will cause high costs for liability insurance, 24/7 support and medical training.

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