Hot! Two Government Agencies to Reap the Most Rewards from Legal Thai Medical Marijuana

The Tobacco Authority of Thailand (TOAT) and the Government Pharmaceutical Agency (GPO) have positioned themselves as the key winners when it comes to the monetization of legal medical marijuana in Thailand.

The TOAT and GPO will be able to sell cannabis, mores specifically CBD oils and THC extracts, to pharmaceutical companies, which can then be purchased by patients with a prescription from a certified doctor or practitioner of Thai traditional medicine.

For the TOAT, the sale of legal medical marijuana to pharma companies will hopefully offset it’s dwindling profits from its cigarette business.

As for the GPO, it has already constructed a state-of-the-art marijuana grow house in the suburbs of Bangkok that will soon be used to find the best cannabis extracts, which will then be used in clinical trials.

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Put more simply, the TOAT will focus on partnering with local farmers to sell cannabis through its existing retail networks, while the GPO will handle research and distribution through more traditional drug stores.

The TOAT was chosen by the government due to its existing organizational impact in the country, which includes partnerships with over 20,000 farmers in the north of Thailand.

Private entities looking to profit off of Thailand’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry will need to first obtain a cannabis license from Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration.

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