Hot! Beware: Thailand Police Put Byte in Pirated Software

Thailand’s Economic Crime Suppression Division (ECSD) has launched a campaign to prevent computer software violations.

Image Credit: Nicholas Raymond (Flickr)

Some firms may not be aware that their software is pirated. Image Credit: Nicholas Raymond (Flickr)

As the Bangkok Post reports, many companies are using pirated software, and although some are unaware that this has been bought illegitimately, some firms are unaware that they are using illegal software, which could expose them not only to legal action but also to cyber information threat.

Pirated software frequently has privacy gaps, making users vulnerable. However, Thai society may not view such piracy as a serious crime, despite the fact that Thailand is closely observed by the countries who own the copyrighted software.

The ECSD has been raiding firms suspected of using pirated software since early 2015, and is now prosecuting over 150 firms.

ECSD views this as its most high profile case of the year.

Those found in violation of the Copyright Act (section 69) face a fine of between 20,000 – 200,000 baht.

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In related news, ThaiLawForum also reported recently that Thai authorities are considering following China’s example and imposing strict restrictions regarding internet usage. This may mean that sites such as Facebook and YouTube will be prohibited.

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