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A California Bar Court Judge is recommending Del Norte County District Attorney Jon Alexander be disbarred for his “checkered” disciplinary record, reports Courthouse News Service. Alexander’s latest infraction, which he was dishonest about, adds to a record that includes a suspension for allegedly trying to communicate with a sentencing judge in a criminal case.

In his most recent incident, Alexander is being accused of denying basic Sixth Amendment-protections to a drug-possession suspect when he elicited information from her in the absence of her attorney. The suspect, Michelle Taylor, was wearing a hidden recording device when she told Alexander details about her case. Alexander continued to ask Taylor questions, even though Taylor told Alexander she had an attorney who had not consented to Alexander’s conversation with Taylor. When confronted, Alexander denied having the conversation.

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State Bar Court Judge Lucy Armendariz said that Alexander “clearly and convincingly committed acts involving moral turpitude, dishonesty and corruption,” and his “lack of insight” and candor favor disbarment.

Armendariz’s recommendation would make Alexander the first state district attorney to be disbarred.

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