Hot! Florida Passes International Driver’s License Law Quietly, Illegally


At the beginning of the year, Florida introduced a law that would require foreign drivers, including Canadians, to carry an international driving permit (IDP) on the state’s roads. But the law was passed and never publicized, coming as a surprise to many tourists.

Now, Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is suspending enforcement of the law as it might violate the Geneva Conventions. The 1949 Geneva Convention treaty on Road Traffic supersedes any conflicting state law, as do all treaties the United States is a part of. Florida’s DHSMV is investigating amending the law to be in alignment with the treaty.

In Thailand, a Thai driver’s license or foreign-issued driver’s license with a photograph is required to drive or lease a car. In addition, the foreign-issued driver’s license must be in English or have a valid English translation of the license, and must be from a country Thailand has a treaty with. IDPs are accepted and valid in Thailand.

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