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Simon Mott, the co-founder and manager of Hope Rehab Center Thailand, discusses how he opened his addiction rehabilitation center, his philosophy for drug and addiction treatment, and Thailand business bureaucracy in ThaiLawForum’s latest “Entrepreneurs in Thailand” video.

After working as a counselor and manager at The Cabin in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Mott decided to open his own addiction rehabilitation center in Thailand.

One of the main challenges to starting his business was finding the right location, Mott said. He decided to build Hope Rehab Center in the coastal town of Sriracha because it had all the resources he needed, including a reputable hospital, but wasn’t too touristic – an important factor to prevent temptation for future clients.

Mott pointed out that though there is a lot of bureaucracy involved to start a business in Thailand, “it’s not too expensive if you’ve got a good law firm helping you.” Some of the most challenging business regulations Mott said he has faced include rehabilitation licensing and the process of procuring work permits for international staff.

Mott also said the current political situation does create some insecurity, but that realistically it hasn’t actually affected his business.

“When you use terms like coup d’état and (hear of) demonstrations in the capital city, in many places in the world that means get out as fast as possible; it just happens that Thailand it doesn’t,” said Mott. “And those of us who know Thailand well, know that it’s safe and know that the way they do things is quite different to that of the Middle East for example.”
Mott said despite the complicated rules and regulations with bureaucracy, he wouldn’t have opened his business anywhere else other than Thailand.

“I believe the future of this type of business – health care in particular – is very much in Asia for westerners, because we’ve priced ourselves out of the market,” said Mott.

The reduced costs of living allow Mott to operate a facility that he said would be three times the cost in the UK. Operating in Thailand has the added benefit of attracting “western-trained and qualified” counselors and therapists who Mott says are willing to work for less than they would in the West, because the cost of living reduces the need for a higher salary, but also because of the lure of adventure Thailand offers.

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