Hot! Khmer Rouge trials face financial crisis

By Tripti Chaudhary

The Khmer Rouge trials are now facing financial crisis for regulating the trials after February 2013. The trials are focused on three defendants, who are allegedly responsible for being part of the Khmer Rouge: Nuon Chea, the regime’s chief ideologist, Ieng Sary, the Khmer Rouge’s former foreign minister, and Khieu Samphan, former head of state.

The Khmer Rouge is responsible for the death of at least 1.7 million people. The trial of Kaing Guek Eav (Duch), the regime’s chief jailer at that time, is the only trial completed so far. He was convicted of war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture, and murder and sentenced to life time imprisonment.

To complete the current second trial, Andrew Cayley QC and Ambassador David Scheffer have been touring Europe independently, to find the necessary funds required for the court to survive.

“Germany has been extremely supportive,” Cayley said. “I’ve asked them to liaise and co-operate with all of the donors to agree a stable financial plan … we can’t go from month to month, where suddenly we pay the electricity bill with one day to go before it gets switched off – that’s how it’s working at the moment.”

Controversy surrounds the current trial; however the Foreign Office states that “International justice is central to foreign policy. It is essential for securing the rights of individuals and states, and for securing peace and reconciliation. Our support for the ECCC (Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia) is an important element in our strategy to reduce conflict and strengthen the rules based international system.

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