Hot! Music Festival Related to Drug Deaths Banned in Singapore

Night Club Dance DJAn electronic dance music festival scheduled in Singapore this weekend has been cancelled by Singapore because of drug-related deaths at last year’s festival, reports the Bangkok Post.

The Future Music Festival Asia’s (FMFA) event organizers’ appeal for a public entertainment license was denied Friday, March 6.

Two previous applications were rejected due to “serious concerns with potential drug abuse at the event,” said the Singapore Police Force, according to the Bangkok Post.

Chaninat and Leeds’ criminal defense attorneys specialize in assisting Thai and foreign clients charged with drug offenses in Thailand.  

Authorities came to their conclusion because at last year’s Kuala Lumpur event six people died and 16 people were hospitalized.

FMFA was previously scheduled for March 13-14 with crowds of up to 20,000 people expected.

Read the full story here.

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