Hot! Thai Officials Find Man from Sierra Leone

Ebola Virus

Ebola virus” by CDC Global is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Thai police search for a man from Sierra Leone who failed to report to health officials who were monitoring for Ebola ended today when the man was found, according to the Bangkok Post.

According to the Bangkok Post, the 31-year-old man, identified as Samuel Sesay, flew into Thailand with a group of friends from Sierra Leone on Nov. 13.

After his arrival, Sesay was reportedly exhibited Ebola-like symptoms and was examined at the Public Health Ministry. He was released Nov. 15 with instructions to report to health authorities for daily checkups.

“The man is healthy. He has no fever or other symptoms,” said the ministry’s deputy permanent secretary Vachira Pengchan, as quoted by the Bangkok Post. “He is not considered a suspected case. But under preventative measures, we have to monitor all those who arrive from countries with Ebola outbreaks.”

The Bangkok Post reports that the Royal Thai Police and Immigration Bureau issued an urgent search after being informed by the Bureau of General Communicable Diseases that Sesay had failed to report to health officials.

Sesay was found on Nov. 25 and will leave Thailand the same day, reports the Bangkok Post.

Read the full story here and here.

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