Hot! Thailand Readies Its First Cannabis-infused Traditional Medicine

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has begun distributing its first-ever approved cannabis-infused traditional medicine to hospitals, according to Preecha Nootim, director of Thai Traditional and Integrated Medicine Hospital said the Government.

The first cannabis-infused traditional medicine will be rolled out to approved hospitals who will give them to patients who don’t respond well to conventional treatments.

More specifically, the marijuana-laced traditional medicine will be used to treat conditions such as insomnia and lack of appetite due to cancer treatments.

Thailand’s rollout of medical cannabis is underway as we speak with at least 15,000 bottles of cannabis oil already produced and being distributed.

Somnuek Suchaitanavanit of the Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Department has also been tasked by the government to develop cannabis-infused formulas for traditional medicine applications, what he describes as “product development”.

His department, which has in the past developed dozens of traditional herbal remedies, received 20 kilograms of seized weed from authorities to aid in their research efforts.

So far they are working on two cannabis-infused traditional medicines that will be ready-made for hospitals, doctors, and certified Thai traditional medical practitioners to prescribe.

On top of that, they are also creating three recipes that licensed medical professionals can mix and use on the spot for patients.

Somnuek and his facility will continue to remove contaminants from the seized marijuana from the street while also growing their own cannabis plants for research and product development.

Over 2,900 Thai traditional medical practitioners have been given the greenlight by Thailand’s FDA to prescribe cannabis-based traditional medicines to patients.

Thailand became the first Southeast Asian nation to legalize medical cannabis in December 2018.

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