Business Owners Open up their Walls for Black Panther Protestors

The case of the Italian-Thai development CEO, Premchai, who slaughtered a black panther in a wildlife sanctuary, has called for tougher wildlife protection laws and the arrest of the CEO. Premchai has denied all allegations […]

The Weinstein Company Files for Bankruptcy

Weinstein Co’s Attorney, Paul Zumbro, reiterated to the U.S Bankruptcy Court Judge that the bankruptcy filing would in no way protect CEO Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual misconduct with over 70 women. […]

Uber Self Driving Car Kills Arizona Woman

Uber has explained the need for autonomous cars to be regulated in the US as it is vital to the success of the future’s company in a rapidly changing transportation industry. However, one of their […]

The SEC will Become Authoritative Power over Cryptocurrency in Thailand

Mr. Korn, Chairman of the Fintech Association, has backed the choice for the Securities and Exchange Commission ( to be the regulatory body responsible for ICO’s in Thailand. They have had a “long time involvement” in the […]

Thailand Constitutional Court Protected From Criticism

A new law will be instated so that anyone who criticizes the Thai Constitutional Court will be punished with one month in jail and a 50,000 baht fine. Criticisms are allowed however, if they involve […]