Hot! Thai FDA Readies Private Medical Cannabis Production, Two Other Big Proposals

Thailand’s FDA, which oversees medical cannabis regulations (Thailand legalized medical cannabis at the end of 2018), is back up and running after a months-long shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Three draft proposals being considered prior to the outbreak now look likely to become law in the very near future, altering the landscape of Thailand’s burgeoning medical marijuana and hemp industry.

As of now, there is a complete ban on the private production of medical cannabis.

If the proposed legislation goes passes, that ban will be partially repealed in relation to Thai traditional and herbal cannabis.

This basically means that licensed Thai traditional medical practitioners will be able to grow and sell medical marijuana, while private cannabis producers who don’t fall under that category will still have to produce CBD and cannabis through governmental or university partnerships.

On top of that, the proposals state that individuals designated as patients by certified medical professionals will also be able to grow small amounts of medical cannabis in their homes for personal treatment.

Imports of medical cannabis, on the other hand, are still banned for five years to protect Thai medical marijuana producers from outside competition.

International travelers, however, will be able to bring their medical cannabis into Thailand so long as they apply for an import license from the Thai FDA before arriving.

The bills are expected to become law in 2021.

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